Corset Economy in Conversation with Baruch Fischhoff

One of the things we’re fascinated by (and that we keep hearing is a big topic for you!) is how to make good decisions. Particularly when the stakes are high and the implications are long term. So to do this subject justice we’ve found you a perfect expert.

We’re delighted to announce that the brilliant Baruch Fischhoff (judgement and decision-making expert, distinguished academic and all-round incredibly smart person) will be joining us in conversation with Leila from Corset Economy on 15th April.

It’s an absolute treat to be speaking with him and we’re so excited for this conversation. Baruch has spent his lifetime understanding the biases and judgements we make, particularly hindsight bias; individual attitudes to risk and uncertainty and how we absorb and respond to messaging around these. We’ll explore these subjects and more to get to the grain of what do we need to consider to make better decisions.

Our particular interest is going to be exploring decision-making for the generation that are mid-career, looking at buying their first homes, having kids and making long-term career decisions in a world that seems increasingly uncertain.

So please join us on Zoom 15th April 7pm London time, 2pm New York for what we’re sure will be a fascinating conversation. If you’re on a different timezone you can check it here. There’ll also be time for Q&A so bring those burning questions! Just sign up through the link below and you’ll receive your Zoom link on the day.

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15 April 2021 7pm London (2pm New York)

Noted decision scientist Baruch Fischhoff is Howard Heinz University Professor, Department of Engineering and Public Policy and Institute for Politics and Strategy, at Carnegie Mellon University. Baruch is an elected member of the US National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine. During his long and distinguished career he has served on some three dozen National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) committees and received many awards, including the American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology. Baruch’s research and public service focus has been on human judgement and decision making, and he will share some of his wisdom and insights on how we can apply these in our daily lives.

You can read more about Baruch and his work at