KNOWLEDGE EXPAND YOUR We work with forward-thinking professionals and small businesses to anticipate and create the future they want. Equipping you for the future

Slide At Corset Economy we have decades of research and
practical experience in futures, foresight and personal development. We are here to help you achieve alignment
between your own ambitions and future opportunities.

So that you can make better and smarter decisions
about your future and where to spend your
finite time, resources and finances.

Slide Build your Skills Upskilling means adaptation. If you know that yesterday’s mindset is unlikely to solve tomorrow’s problems, you'll be looking to equip yourself with 21st century skills.
We believe that the future has a lot to teach us here. If it’s time to give your imagination a workout, or if you’re looking to spot unfolding trends and explore new possibilities, look no further.
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Slide Clarify your Direction If you’re at a crossroads and needing clarity on direction, we offer personalised packages. We’ll work with you to get you unstuck and create your own roadmap so that you can make smarter, more future-proof decisions aligned with where you want to be heading.

No formulas, 3-step plans, but an acknowledgement of your unique circumstances and your distinctive competences and how to best leverage them.
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Expand your Knowledge It can feel hard to make any sense of the world around us and the changes taking place, let alone join the dots. We’ve spent more than a decade doing just that.

Corset Economy started as an idea and systems framework to explore the various ways in which the future could unfold and what was causing these disruptions. Read more about our Framework to learn what a Corset Economy is and our four visions of the future.
Learn more Not all futures work is created equal Here is our approach:

Anticipation ANTICIPATION not prediction We anticipate plausible possibilities of what could happen.
We won’t (and can’t) promise you what will happen.
Several SEVERAL not single We use a set of alternative futures to compare and contrast how the world might change. We don’t limit our thinking to one vision of the future. Practical PRACTICAL not theoretical We use the future as a practical place to pre-test your potential actions. We don’t just anticipate it as an intellectual exercise – although that’s part of the fun too! Insight INSIGHT not formula We believe good foresight is only as valuable as the thinking and insights behind it. We don’t just give you cookie cutter formulas or methodologies.
System SYSTEM not silo We use systems thinking, acknowledging the inherent uncertainty, complexity and interdependence of the whole system.
We don’t just airbrush out the uncomfortable or uncertain.

Slide Join our Community We’re a mother and daughter duo with 25 years experience of working in foresight. We combine Shirin’s brilliant mind with Leila’s practical skills to create a dynamic team intent on enabling you to be prepared for whatever the future throws at you.

We know the joys and challenges of living through transformative change. We’ve both left our comfort zone and reformulated our careers, and we’re determined to help others avoid some of the unnecessary and unproductive detours we made along the way.
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    Corset Economy News

    Trends for 2022: what to pay attention to in the New Year Trends for 2022: what to pay attention to in the New Year A ritual that takes place at the end of each year is that countless experts and forecasters predict their key trends for the coming year. We don’t like predictions, which tend to focus on the immediate at the expense of the more subtle but important longer-term drivers of change, yet it is always useful to keep an eye on the horizon. Here's what we think you should be taking notice of in the New Year. Published on 17 December 2021. Posted in Corset Economy News, Theory Read more

    Exploring 3H, Climate Change and the Future Economy Exploring 3H, Climate Change and the Future Economy As global leaders meet for COP26, we've been thinking about climate change and what is needed for a sustainable future. We've turned to the Three Horizons model as a useful model to think about critical junctures and moving into a new future. Published on 4 November 2021. Posted in Corset Economy News, Futures Read more

    Trendwatch: how predictable is that trend? Trendwatch: how predictable is that trend? Trends take many forms. Some trends can be predicted, while others are fundamentally uncertain. It is not always easy to identify levels of predictability, and sometimes when one looks more widely, or looks at a trend from another angle, it no longer seems as predictable as it once did. Read more to learn how to start seeing trends where you didn't before. Published on 24 September 2021. Posted in Corset Economy News, Laces, Upskilling Read more