Five corset laces

interconnecting and amplifying the turbulence we face 

Four Corset Futures

all unfolding simultaneously at different intensities and locations


A world where tech interfaces mediate and monetise every human action and interaction


A world where informality has become the inevitable destination for many entrepreneurs


A world where governments try to monitor and control the actions of every citizen


A world of resource limitations, with recycling and craftsmanship increasingly important

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Three competing models

with differing potential to avoid rules and taxes, enabled by…

Two sets of properties

one tangible, visible and quantifiable; the other intangible, invisible, shapeshifting across time and space, with …

One globalised economy

operating 24/7, without a global policeman on the same watch …

Squeezing the world and creating turbulence and hypercompetition.

Shirin Elahi is the author of the Corset Economy, a theory about how and why the world is becoming more complex and chaotic.